Story is an art form.

Story, done well, seems to be like body language. It’s a form of expression that encodes tens of thousands of variables for an individual. It contains more data than any single individual could sanely make conscious in a single lifetime.

The Bible, for example, encodes many data points that may assist in the survival of individuals. You don’t have to know exactly what these data points are, at least not consciously. Perhaps aligning yourself with the right contexts and vibes is enough. The same way the body language of someone you’re speaking to is enough to tell you their mood. You don’t have to consciously articulate each micro-muscle position and state. You just know. They’re furious. They’re bored. They’re happy.

Music, perhaps, is something similar. This is something I’m interested in figuring out. What is music? What is it’s purpose? What kind of information does it communicate, if any? Is it necessary for long-term survival?

Are lyrics important? What are the purposes of the chorus and verse? Are they representations of chaos (verse) and order (chorus)? Why are some parts of tunes catchy, while others are forgettable? Why are choruses memorable but verses forgettable? Do the words in music really matter? Does music tell story?

These are some of the questions I have about music. This is something I will explore as best I can.